The Territory

Our agricultural estate is located in the DOC. area (Controlled Designation of Origin) of “Friuli Latisana”, extends into the southern area of Udine province and is prevalently composed of clayey terrains, difficult to work but rich in mineral salts.

A wine country, of tried and ancient traditions where grafting the most modern systems of cultivation and vine production on the great natural and human wealth already existing, could not but enhance the grapes coming from these noble vines.

Closeness to the Adriatic sea brings beneficial, warm salty air currents, creating an excellent microclimate in the hinterland, as occurs in the other DOC areas of Annia and Aquileia.
The climate is particularly mild with a decidedly high average annual temperature.

These environmental conditions, compared, by some, to the situation of the great French Cru and typical of the Doc Friuli Latisana area, produce very perfumed wines with an unmistakable taste.

Our agricultural estate is on the road to Lignano Sabbiadoro and is always open for guided tasting tours and the sale of bottled or un-bottled wines.